The Gravy

Whenever I’m home in Connecticut, I make time to support the Connecticut Cycling Advancement Program (CCAP), a wonderful group of folks dedicated to fostering youth cycling and generally sharing the joy of bicycles throughout the state. (Who wouldn’t want to support goals like that?)

Two weeks ago, I got to meet Sadie Rueckert at what we call The ‘Rent. The ‘Rent is a weekly training series hosted by the CCAP at Rentschler Field (hence the name). They set up a closed course so that athletes can train group skills like drafting and team race strategy in a safe environment. Sadie was out there on her Fuji, practicing drafting inches off the wheel of one of CCAP’s experienced Pro/Am racer-mentors.

A photo of Sadie and me ended up making the front page of the West Hartford News, which was awesome. (It was Cinco de Mayo; thus the tiny hat.)

But even better? This email from Sadie’s mom:

Amber — I am sure you know that Sadie so loved your attention, interest, advice and encouragement.  Thanks for helping her kick off what we hope will be a long cycling career in such an exciting and positive way!  A friend who received the WH News yesterday posted the picture on Facebook and since then I’ve had three friends reach out about CCAP for their daughters. 🙂 Hope recovery continues to go well!

I love racing bikes. It is an awesome job. But this?

This is the gravy, folks.

Thanks to Kay Page Greaser for the photo!

The Gravy

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