Gift Goods!

It’s that time of  year, and in case you’re still stumped on finding a gift, I have some ideas — all things I have tested and recommend, especially for active, health-conscious folks. Wherever possible, I’ve also shared deals or discounts to help you save on your holiday shopping!

Full Disclosure: I am sponsored by these companies, but none of them paid me (or even asked me) to list them. (In fact, they are sponsors because I specifically sought them out and wanted to work with them!) I’ve written much on the topic of sponsorship  (here, here and here), and I think it’s important to clarify how genuine these relationships actually are.

These aren’t just companies or brands. These are people whose products improve the lives of others, people who believe in what I do and believe that together, we can improve even more lives. I believe the same, and that’s why I love working with them. Through mutual support, we get to help others better their health, ride safer, explore more, and be more comfortable while they do — an authentic, positive mission.

So, if you do decide to purchase a gift from the list below, you’ll a) get quality stuff that’s pro-athlete tested and approved, b) support the sponsors who support me, and c) advance a pretty awesome mission!

Gift Goods!

Ally’s Bar
I love these bars. Ally has been a longtime friend, and I’ve been fortunate to sample her homemade bars over the years. Ally’s Bar constitutes the outcome of these many years of experimentation, taste testing and a steadfast dedication to whole, natural ingredients. So good! One quick scan of the ingredients and the quality nutrition of these great energy-boosters is immediately clear. All the good stuff for fueling your #allysbaradventure! Free shipping through December (just choose FREE SHIPPING at checkout), plus Ally’s Bar t-shirts, hoodies and other gear are on sale now too! Check out

Did I mention I love these?

sam® Sport
This sleek, portable ultrasound machine accelerates your body’s natural healing process, and works wonders on soft tissues, both for healing injury and accelerating the recovery of muscles broken down by intense training. It’s incredibly lightweight and easy to use. I can do everything from yoga to grocery shopping while wearing it discreetly under my clothes. If you know someone who struggles with a strained muscle or tendinopathy, this little thing will relieve pain and probably even resolve the issue. It’s that good. You can use my discount code CYCLING for a massive discount. (Please note, when ordering online, the Rx needs to be in the name of the intended recipient.)

Using sam after a tough workout to relieve sore tibialis muscles.

This is another ingenious little device making lives better through tech. The BikeTag uses an accelerometer and highly-tuned algorithm to notify an emergency contact list in the event you happen to crash on a ride. Not only that, but you can also set it to notify your loved ones when you start a ride, and when you safely return home. I train a ton on my own and love the added peace of mind that my BikeTag gives my husband and me. All you do is attach it to your bike. You don’t have to start or stop the device. It just starts working when you roll, and stops when you stop. Connect it to your Strava account to automatically record workouts, plus they’ll soon enable a live tracking feature, so family members know where you’re riding. (Right now they’re offering 25% off!) Click here to order or read more.

So easy! So much peace of mind!

Farm-To-Fork Fondo
My husband and I got to experience the Rensselaerville Cycling Festival last year, and I can’t say enough good things about the team that made it happen: Wrenegade Sports. It was so awesome that I’m making a point of getting to as many of their 2016 events as possible: The Farm To Fork Fondos. For someone who loves cycling, good food, fantastic scenery, social good, and great people, an entry voucher to one of the Farm To Fork Fondos would be an amazing gift. (Only available for purchase until January 1, 2016.) Pair it with some of their rad gear available here!

Inside Tracker
I wrote a whole blog post about this awesome service, but in summary, Inside Tracker uses blood tests to make personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations to help you optimize your health and performance. You can order a gift card for the test(s) of your choice. Another gift that will help your loved ones get closer to their performance or health goals! (Use my first name as a promo code to get a complimentary Inner Age test added to your order!)

Hyperice VYPER Foam Roller
This is Next Level, people. I use the Fusionetics app (customized movement efficiency training program on my phone – super rad for injury prevention and addressing muscle imbalances – message me if you want more info), and it was through them that I discovered the VYPER, a high-intensity vibrating foam roller. TOTAL GAME CHANGER. Okay so it increases circulation and all that, but the thing is: when you finish a foam rolling session, your muscles feel like warm putty. Foam rolling can be a bit painful, but the vibration takes the edge off and helps your muscles relax as you roll.  As they put it: “If a foam roller is a sword, the VYPER is a lightsaber.” (Update: free two-day shipping currently available + a discount on the Holiday Fit Kit!)

Rolling my calves with the Vyper after a long ride.

Mavic Ksyrium Pros
If you really want to spoil the pants off someone, a set of Ksyrium Pros will more than do the trick. I’ve been testing these personally and love them. Weight-saving ISM4D technology and fore drilling (= no spoke holes and no need for rim tape) plus a wider rim and tire (25mm) means you get the best of all worlds: lightweight comfort, stiffness AND durability. I also highly recommend the Ksyrium Pro Exalith: the Exalith-treated brake track increases stopping power with quieter braking and a killer matte-black finish. These are awesome all-around wheels; reliable for training, light enough for  racing.

The dead sexy Ksyrium Pro

Halo Headband
These headbands are great for anyone who likes to sweat. They don’t just soak up sweat — their patented Sweat Block technology actually channels sweat away from your eyes, so no matter how much you move and sweat, your eyes stay clear. My favorite is the Halo Slim Sweatband Pullover. I love their hairbands, too! (For free shipping, use coupon code HALOSHIPFREE, and for 10% off use coupon code DEC10OFF. Be sure to enter both coupon codes to receive discounts.)

Gift Goods!

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