Public Speaking

If you know me, you know I’m a talker. An experienced public speaker, I can address a broad range of topics and audiences. Drop me a line to see if I might be a good fit for your next event.


Terese Karmel, Instructor and Advisor, University of Connecticut:
I teach a sportswriting class in the journalism department at the University of Connecticut. At the suggestion of a friend, I invited Amber Pierce to talk to my students about her athletic career, including her swimming years and how and why she turned to cycling. The students were enthralled with her candidness, humor and energy as she spoke to them about her life. In fact of all of the speakers I have had she ranks among the most evocative. The stories the students turned in based on their interaction with her were among the most lively and complete I have had in many semesters and I attribute this to her presentation. I cannot wait to her have her back again in subsequent semesters.

David Hoyle, Development Director, Connecticut Cycling Advancement Program:
We are always extremely pleased to have Amber speak at CCAP events. She does a remarkable job of captivating our audiences through her passion and confidence. The clarity and conciseness of her speeches also makes it easy for everyone to follow her message. Most importantly, she adds tremendous value by helping our audiences truly connect with, understand, and feel motivated by our cause.

Tim Healion, (formerly) Executive Director, Tour de Nez Outreach:
The Tour de Nez Outreach brought Amber in on a couple occasions to help promote our company’s presence in the cycling world and as a mentor to local students. She also raced in the Tour de Nez bike race, won it, and became the unofficial spokesperson of the race. She inspired the heck out of everyone she came in contact with. She lives her life with great enthusiasm and finds great success in her endeavors. That is very evident in her presentations and work. We felt that it was a great privilege for us to have Amber work with us.



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