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sam® Sport
sam®, or “Sustained Acoustic Medicine,” refers to the low intensity ultrasound waves emitted from the conveniently portable sam® Sport device. Whether it’s a severe injury or the kind of muscle breakdown we experience after a tough training session, sam® Sport’s acoustic waves accelerate the healing process for faster recovery. This little gadget helped me heal faster after breaking my pelvis and once I was back to training, became a key factor to regaining strength and fitness as quickly as possible. Thanks to the accelerated recovery between training sessions, I was able to manage a very heavy training load and to hit targeted power outputs much sooner than expected. How is that possible, you ask? Check out this video to learn more!

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scc_logoStorrs Center Cycle Bicycle Shop
My heroes. These guys keep my equipment in top shape (in spite of my mechanical ineptitude). They embody all of what is awesome about brick-and-mortar local business: their work helps build a healthy, happy community. They welcome cyclists of all backgrounds and deliver professional quality work that keeps us all rolling, whether on commuters, skinny tires, full-suspension or fat bikes. Stop in and say hello!